White Label

Are you turning business away due to lack of expertise, personnel or time?

Lumeno White Label can help you harness your business’s unique branding to offer a range of services withoutcausing you to have to invest in the infrastructure or technology. Lumeno brings years of experience to each andevery project we take on. A a result you can focus on building your brand and selling your services withoutspending the money on having in-house expertise.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our white label partners. When we take on a white label venturewith another company we’ve got your back and want to succeed together. When going into business with us youcan expect honesty, patience, and accountability.

We understand that it’s important that you get the praise for our work, and therefore nobody should know that weare doing the work for you. Most white label clients choose to solely have us behind the scenes. Lumenocompletes the work quickly and efficiently on your behalf, based on the terms in the proposal. We charge you ouragreed-upon reseller rate, and then you are free to invoice your client whatever you wish for our services, allowingyou to keep anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of the profits for yourself.

Interested in increasing your profits and growing your business together?

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